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English 2


Study Guide/Notes
Through the Tunnel
The Piece of String
The Masque of the Red Death
The Open Window
A Sound of Thunder

Monday 27

Mother, I have a confession to make. I took a test in English, yesterday, on grammar. When I got it back I was shocked to see I failed with 2%. I don’t know what happened. During the test I was so confident … I studied so hard the night before and everything seemed so easy. In the classroom next to us, they were all speaking pretty loudly and the student behind me kept shooting spitballs at me, but I know that’s no excuse. Maybe I had a bad breakfast and I couldn’t focus, or maybe I was way too tried. I’m sorry.


            Dang, you guys. I really bombed a test today, in English. It was crazy. Everything was so easy during the test, like I knew all the answers, but when I got the test back I only had one question right, and that was the one I thought I would get wrong! I blame my mom for playing loud music last night while I was trying to study, and I blame the stupid freak behind me who kept shooting spit wads on the back of me head. And they were so loud in the classroom next to us, I wanted to walk over there and scream at them to shut up!


            Mr. Teacher, I don’t know what happened with the grammar test, the other day. I could have sworn I had all the answers right. I honestly tried my hardest; I even studied! I guess I was tired and must have been unfocused during the test. The volume of the classroom next to us didn’t exactly help me, either.
October 5
Pride is like a glass of water. You need water to live. Good water will keep you alive and well. It flushes out diseases and keeps you awake. If you lose water, you start to feel bad. If you lose too much water it will hurt you. Keep your good water, don’t ever overflow your cup, and don’t drink at others’ expense.

October 6

How many ways can a person be beautiful? Normally when I think of beauty in a person I think of the physical beauty of a girl. I can see that people can be beautiful in many ways, now that I think about it. Beauty can come in forms like the goodness of someone’s heart or conscience. Just about whatever can be ugly can be beautiful, right? Beautiful voice? Beautiful scent? You can have an idea of beauty for every sense, too, huh?

Is there a standard of beauty that all can agree on? Beauty is more an opinion than it is a fact. Thus, there cannot be a specific standard of beauty. A person can look at an abstract painting and see a great amount of beauty. At the same time another person can look at the painting and see nothing meaningful. The same painting is blue to both people, but not beautiful to both. I can listen to an orchestra song that I admire for its beauty. You can listen to the same song and think it is boring. The song is orchestra to both of us, but not beautiful to both of us. This concludes that beauty must be in the eye of the beholder.

October 7
How is a clock similar to the bubonic plague? When your clock begins you are alive, and when your clock ends, you are dead. When you catch the bubonic plague, you’re alive but when it’s done with you, you’re dead. In short, both begin with life and both end in death.
October 12
If I had the power to travel backwards and forwards at any speed through time without disturbing history or the future, I would visit an unlimited amount of times and places. I would first begin at the beginning of the Earth (whenever that is) and view it’s creation. I would continue forward and view the ways of the ancient Mesopotamians and then forward more to the time of Rome. I’d visit the Sparta and ancient Japan. There would be no boundaries to the amount of historic knowledge I could gain. I’d visit France during the revolution and see the how Napoleon conquered the countries around him. The American Revolution would also be one of my stops. As for the future … I would not go there. Out of all the consequences of seeing the future, I think most of them would be bad; that’s if I really could see the future. Since the future doesn’t exist, how are we supposed to see it? It would be like blank pages in a big book. Weird …

October 19
Memories similar to a river.
     Along the path of a river you can come across many experiences. There might be hard time were you're forced against the rapids of life. There'll be sad times were you find a friend has fallen behind or you've accidentally crushed a crawdad. There will be painful times were the river is low and you're forced to walk on the rocky bottom. Scary times when crocodiles are hunting. Happy times when the water is calm and safe.

Novemeber 3

Just like the law says: When you’re twenty-one you’re a fully-fledged adult. You can do all the things that other adults can do.  By the time you’re twenty-one, you’ve probably already moved out of your parents’ house and you’re definitely done with high school, one way or another. Or maybe it’s when you’re eighteen that you reach adulthood? Maybe age doesn’t count. Maybe it all depends on how you think. Do you want to be an adult or are you just being arrogant? What if you really do? So why can’t you just be an adult whenever you feel you’re up to the challenge? Are you responsible enough? Is it up to you to decide when you want to become an adult, if you aren’t one yet? If not, why not? Laws stopping you? You have the personal right, from birth, to do what you want, don’t you? That means you can go ahead and take off to a place where the law won’t stop you. Or you can wait until you’re 21, so the law can’t stop you. That must be when you’re an adult then, just when you’re ready, and maybe wise enough, to make all your own choices. I’m not an adult yet, really, so I’m not the one to tell you. If you want to know, though, maybe you should ask an adult.


Journal 8


            Fear of roller coasters. I used to always be really afraid of roller coasters. Not too long ago I went to a theme park. I tried a couple of small rides, and then I start going on bigger ones. Finally, I couldn’t bare missing the fun and I started on the big rides. Soon enough, I forgot the fear and found the thrill.


Journal 9

Cereal for Dummies: To make a bowl of cereal, one must first obtain a bowl from one’s cupboard. Once the bowl has been obtained it must be cleaned, if it is not already. Once one is sure the bowl is clean, one must choose which cereal one would prefer to eat the most. When one has obtained one’s box of cereal one must check the bag inside the box to be sure the bag is open on one end, or the other. If the bag is not open one must open the bag by pulling either side near the top area where one would prefer to have the bag open. Once one is sure the bag is open one must face the open section of the bag down, toward the bowl, aim, and then begin to pour until one is content with the amount of cereal in one’s bowl. (Warning: Do not pour too much cereal into the bowl or one’s bowl will overflow in the next procedure.)

After one has poured one’s preferred cereal into one’s bowl one must return the cereal to its area. Once one has come back to one’s bowl, one must go to the refrigerator for milk. Once one has obtained the milk, one must de-cap the bottle, aim over the bowl, and begin to pour until one has reached one’s desired amount of milk. (Useful tip: Try to equalize amount of cereal and amount of milk.) Once one has poured one’s milk one must re-cap the bottle and place the bottle back inside the refrigerator.

One has completed making one’s bowl of cereal but now one must eat it. In order to eat one’s bowl of cereal, one must obtain a spoon and make sure one’s spoon is clean. Once sure one’s spoon is clean one may dip the spoon into the bowl of cereal and obtain a combination of milk and cereal on the spoon. One must now place the end of the spoon in one’s mouth and eat the cereal. Chew for fifteen seconds, and then swallow to eat. Repeat operation until one’s bowl is near empty. One has successfully created and eaten one’s bowl of cereal.


Journal 10

A hero is a person of bravery, courage, and strength who fights for a rightful cause with the talents he is blessed with. I would expect a hero’s story to be of rescuing someone or something very important, but almost impossible to rescue. He would face many trials to test his courage and strength until he reached his ultimate goal.


Jounral 11

For the new year lots of things are going to change. First, I’m going to turn sixteen, which will let me get a job and a driver’s license. I’m going to try to change my outlook on school to become more enthusiastic about it, and to join a club or program. Once I have a job I’ll be able to start saving money for college and to buy a car. I hope to be able to keep my grades high and to devote more of my life to school.