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English 2

Study Guide/Notes
Study Guide/Notes
Through the Tunnel
The Piece of String
The Masque of the Red Death
The Open Window
A Sound of Thunder

Literary Devices and Techniques
  • The events in a story center around the main characters.
  • Less prominent characters are minor characters.
  • Main characters often undergo change as the plot unfolds- Dynamic Characters
  •  Static characters do not change.


  • Setting is where and when. Can occur anywhere and anytime.


  • Plot is the chain of events that take place in the story.
  • Plot usually progresses through conflict or the struggle between the protagonist(good guy) and the antagonist(bad guy).
  • Exposition- lays the groundwork for the plot and provides the reader with essential background information. (Characters introduced, setting described and plot begins.)
  • Rising Action- Complications in the plot causing more struggle for the main character. Builds suspense.
  • Climax- Turning point in the story; point where interest and intensity reach their peaks. Usually involves an important event, decision, or discovery.
  • Falling Action- Events that happen after the climax. Often the conflict is resolved, and the intensity of the action subsides. Same as Denouement.
A theme is an important idea or message sent through the work. It is a perception about life or human nature.

Symbolism is using one thing to compare to something that the reader might be more familiar with to help him understand better.


Allusion is a remark that calls attention to someone or something.